Our rules

For many years now, Paddy Whelan’s has strictly insisted that every guest to Rīga and every local resident has the right to nice and positive leisure in our beloved Old Rīga. For that reason, we have always partnered with the British and Irish embassies, the Live Riga tourism information centre, the Latvian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, and other secure and friendly local companies so as to ensure a safe environment for tourists, too.

We are delighted to see how very much the environment in Rīga has improved, and our internal policies speak to maintaining a friendly, positive and proper attitude toward each and every one of our guests, whether they be visitors to Rīga or our locals. Paddy thanks you in advance!

A few things that we still consider to be important:

  1. Respect our personnel and treat staff in a friendly way, because then respect and friendship will be returned to you.
  2. You must be 21 to visit Paddy Whelan’s, and if you are younger, you need an adult with you.
  3. Everyone loves to sing, and Latvia is the country that sings, particularly during sports competitions, but let’s keep it down so that your ears and nerves and ours are not unnecessarily traumatised.
  4. We support responsible sale and drinking of alcohol, so we may refuse to serve you. If so, we will not try to be particularly helpful in delighting the embittered patron with another glassful. These rules are meant to ensure everybody’s safety.
  5. We do not sell alcohol to kids under 18, because the law is the law, and the law also says that adults are not allowed to buy alcohol for minors.
  6. We drink our beverages in the pub or on the terrace, and if you carry your glass beyond our territory, you may find that your evening involves an administrative fine from the police.
  7. Ashtrays are there for a reason. Use them.
  8. Please treat our dishware, furniture and other things gently. We love our pub as much as we do our guests, and we always want to make sure that a visit to Paddy’s is nice and has everything that is needed.
  9. Video monitoring is here to protect all of us.
  10. Paddy Whelan’s always wants your time with us to be a positive experience, and so our main principle of principles? Welcome!